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Craig Jones
Hi, thanks for visiting Craig Jones Horror! I hope you enjoy the site and that you contact me with any comments, good or downright evil, that you would like to share. First off, I don't apologise for the cheesy photo of me on the left. Yes, the hair is real and so is the smile. I write horror but am actually quite a nice person. I smile a lot! So, like I said, get in touch. You'll be pleasantly surprised.

Okay, so a bit about me. I'm married to Claire (ten years younger than me, thank you very much) and we had our first baby, Shane in February. He is amazing. I went to school with Catherine Zeta-Jones, have played tennis with Jamie Redknapp, and coached Great Britain’s first ever World Number One tennis player.

I have always loved horror stories, having grown up with Jason Voorhees and his slasher friends, and I love writing them even more. The thought of taking normal people and putting them in terrifying situations gives me a fantastic buzz. I hope to convey that buzz to my readers in every story I write.

I've received great reviews for my published stories and Outbreak has been in the Amazon top 100 horror list since it was released in January. Please check out my 'Current Releases' under the Novels/ Novellas tab.

What's next for Craig Jones Horror? Why don't I flip that on its head? What would YOU like to see from a horror story? Let me know!